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There are ways to make sure your bills are paid in prison.

How Can You Make Sure Your Bills Are Paid In Prison?

Your bills don’t stop coming just because you are in prison. If you don’t prepare, you might leave incarceration with massive debt. But there are ways that you can make sure your bills are paid while you’re in prison.

A prison guard is allowed to be violent towards you to try and control you.

What Can You Do If A Prison Guard Is Being Violent?

Prison systems allow guards to use force to control prisoners. But laws do not allow for the use of “excessive force.” The line between what is acceptable force and excessive force is not always well-defined.

Work release lets you leave prison to work at a job.

What Is Work Release From Prison And How Does It Work?

Work release comes in many different forms. Where you are incarcerated, what your crime was and other factors can play a role in how work release looks for you.

You don't always have to tell your employer about your expunged criminal record, but it's a good idea in most situations.

Should I Tell My Employer About Expunged Criminal Record?

If you get your record expunged, you’re bound to ask yourself this question: Should I tell my employer about my expunged criminal record?

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